Lessons From the Mat: Going Beyond the Pose

I spent last weekend in an Anusara workshop with Ross Rayburn.  Ross is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated yogi who pushes his students physically, mentally, and spiritually.  He pushed us to our limits, not in a diminishing way, in a loving and supportive way.

There is something very empowering about listening to a passionate yogi share his philosophy on yoga and life.  He helped me remember why I practice yoga: to be my highest self.  To do my best, be my best and give my all, not just on my yoga mat, but in my life off the mat as well.

One of his great examples was that if you are wavering in your hands or your feet in your pose, if they are not solid, and steadfast, then you may also be wavering in other areas of your life.   Hmmmmmmm. 

Ross created the space for all of us to succeed.  It was so apparent he wanted us go farther, deeper and in the same breath, when he told us it wasn’t about the pose, but rather getting to the pose, I believed him. 

I really wanted to push myself.    I will tell you that the press-up handstand in this photo was not easy for me.  And I have never felt stronger than in the few moments I was in it.  I remember yet again why I practice yoga: Not for the pose that only lasts  for seconds, but for the way I feel after the pose, when I know I have given my all, done my best, whether I nailed it or not.  That lasts a lifetime.

What do you need to remember to give your all to today?  I”d love to hear about it.

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