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I was thrilled to speak in person at Dignity Hospital last month for Hospital Week! While I have been grateful to present on Zoom for the last 16 months, it pales in comparison to the energy, spontaneity, and sharing an in-person experience provides. It was a great trip on many levels, and quite different from my pre-COVID ones because I got to teach and practice CPR.

On my first flight since December 2019, I was more anxious than I expected, not about flying, but all the logistics involved in getting there with rush hour traffic, airport construction, security, and other unknown health and safety changes. Uncharacteristically, I allowed myself a lot of extra time to navigate it all that gave me peace of mind and calm instead of stress and anxiety with having to rush.

Allowing more space and time for my travel was a practice of compassion for myself, the C of CPR.

The beachside hotel I stayed at was even more scenic than I remembered, with hillsides bursting with color, surf crashing over the rocks, and seagulls soaring overhead. I forgot about the dangers of leaving food unattended and after just a few seconds it took me to grab my sweatshirt, I returned to a seagull enjoying my salmon salad on my balcony!

Experiencing my environment with a beginner’s mind, like it was the first time, brought me presence, the P of CPR.

One of my favorite activities in the whole world is walking the beach, and I decided to stay a couple of extra days to take advantage of it. My senses were heightened with all the smells, sounds, and the cool sand under my feet. My feeling of renewal and relaxation was greater than I even expected.

My beach time recharged and connected me to myself, supporting my recovery, the R of CPR.

This time of our new normal is a real opportunity to renew the meaning and purpose in our work and lives. The CPR practices support us to experience familiar things with compassion, curiosity, and energy to give us a deeper presence and appreciation. What CPR practice would serve you today to embrace YOUR new normal?

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