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Reframing in The Big Easy

Last month I was honored to speak at the AORN Global Surgical Conference in New Orleans, also known as The Big Easy. There are a number of theories about where this nickname came from, but one of the more popular references is how easy it was (and still is) for musicians to land gigs in New Orleans, hence the name, The Big Easy.

I took notice of the natives, including wait staff, Lyft drivers, and tour guides who all shared an easy attitude about things. They seemed happy and eager to serve, in a relaxed and genuine way. They also expressed a deep pride for their history and city, despite many challenges, including the ongoing recovery efforts of Katrina.

Sometimes we can make things more difficult than they need to be— not intentionally, but with unrealistic expectations, attachments, or negativity. This contributes to our stress, disappointment, and exhaustion.

Since resilience is an inside job, when we practice it, we can make even the most challenging situations easier. One of these practices is reframing, which gives us a different perspective and takes us from a helpless to an empowered state of mind.

Reframing examples:

Instead of,
Why is this happening to me?
What can I learn from this?

Instead of,
I’ll never get it all done.
What is most important in this moment?

Instead of,
This is so hard.
What do I need to work this out?

Whatever challenge, transition, or crisis you may be facing right now in any area of your life, try practicing resilience by reframing it. Please comment below and let me know how you did or how I can help you.

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