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Resilience Recovery Adapt

Last week I took a course focused on delivering online content with high engagement and impact given by master trainer, Bob Pike. Pre-pandemic, I never considered delivering my programs virtually, but things have changed. After teaching yoga, giving a commencement speech, and coaching on Zoom the last couple of months, I knew I needed to learn how to effectively deliver The Resilience Academy online. This required me to adapt.

Think about all the adaptations you have made in the last 2 months, changing how you do virtually everything (no pun intended). Adapt means to adjust oneself to different conditions, environments, and circumstances and by now we are all quite familiar with it. No matter what recovery phase you are currently in, adapting is a critical resilience skill in the process.

Adapting gives us opportunities to learn and grow, like participating in online experiences, instituting telemedicine, floating to different departments, and nurturing our connections while maintaining social distancing. Adapting is a process, and since it takes a little more time and energy than we might expect, focusing on our WHY keeps us moving forward.

We adapt more readily when we remember WHY we do what we do every day. WHY do you choose to work in the emergency department, initiate a family celebration, or participate in an online training? Our passion is what brings us here and our ability to adapt keeps us here, doing our work in the world, in spite of, or because of, the pandemic.

We all need a meaningful reason to get up in the morning or long days can turn into long weeks and longer months. Remember WHY you do what you do every day and even write down your personal mission statement, like, I show up today with a full and open heart to support my (family/clients/friends) wherever they are. This can help us adapt when it all feels like a little too much.

Recovery with Resilience was created by The Resilience Academy. In case you missed COVID Recovery: 10 Things I Am Learning last week or any previous posts, the rest of the series can be found at COVID Resilience and Recovery Skills.

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