Could it Be That Easy?

One thing that triggers me, causing a disproportionate reaction to a situation, is any kind of technical issue. I admit to avoiding the necessary research, maintenance, and upgrading to prevent issues, fearing it will be too hard, expensive, or time-consuming.

Case in point, I did not use my landline for business or personal for 18 months. Initially it was an experiment to ensure I could get great reception in my 112-year-old home office, but it became a frog for 17 months! I conveniently made up a story about how complicated, expensive, and inconvenient it would be to deal with, so I didn’t.

When I finally called customer service and scheduled the required internet upgrade for the disconnect, he reassured me it would be a smooth transition and not cost me one dollar. The technician who arrived on time, was pleasant, knowledgeable and finished in less than 20 minutes! OMG! So easy!

We all can avoid things that we are not comfortable with, like taxes, crucial conversations, and technical upgrades. The most important point of the experience is remembering how great it feels to get something done you have been procrastinating. This is the power of practicing Self-Leadership.

Life is messy and I strongly believe in being prepared for the worse with all the things we can’t control, like weather, travel, and upgrades. But when you embrace the fact something could be easy, you are more likely to do it in a timely manner, saving a lot of financial and emotional angst.

What are you avoiding, making up a story about, or procrastinating that you know needs doing? Last month, I wrote about the freedom of choice. Could you make a choice today to do something to help you feel good about yourself? It could be that easy.

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