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Day 18 Remembrance

November 18, 2009

My 30 minute practice helps me to remember.  Remember what I can so easily forget: That all I have is this moment, right here, right now.  I can choose to regret and ruminate the past or worry and doubt the future, or remember that it is most important is to focus on the present moment.  The…

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Day 17 The Late Practice

November 17, 2009

I did not practice this morning.  I got up late, and I could have practiced after I taught my early morning yoga class, or before my afternoon stress management class, but I did not.  I wish I could give you a great excuse, but I don’t have one. I did however, practice this evening.  I…

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Day 16 Thank God It's Monday!

November 16, 2009

I used to really dread Mondays.  I would start thinking about all I had to “get done” for the week and become overwhelmed and paralyzed.  Now I embrace Monday like every other day with my daily practice.   By starting my day with deep breathing, yoga poses, meditation and journaling, I focus on my intention instead of my fear. …

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Day 15 Snow Day

November 15, 2009

Half way through my 30 day practice and I woke up to 6 inches of velvety snow here in Denver. Absolutely beautiful and with no place I have to go today, I am happy to stay home and have a snow day.  Snow days are really important in our lives.  Although we have no control…

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